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This page features older news items from 2006 which have previously been featured on the main news page. 

Some of the information included here may well now be out-of-date.


Field Day in best CD poll (News date: 23-12-06)

The listeners of Echoes (a daily two hour music show that airs on 150 radio stations across the US) have voted Field Day as one of the choices in the Sixth Annual Echoes Listener Poll for the Best Echoes CDs of the year.  Field Day has reached number 20 in the listing.  

The complete listing of the winning albums can be seen here.

Further re-issues update (News date: 10-12-06)

The selection of material for the extra CDs to accompany the re-issues of The Geese & The Ghost, Wise After The Event and 1984 has now been completed and the re-mastering of the albums is now underway.  The track listings for the extra CDs and other details about the re-issues will be announced in due course.

Newsprint interviews with Ant (News date: 10-12-06)

Interviews with Ant have been published in the last two editions of Voiceprint Records Newsprint magazine and they are now available to read online.  Issue six features an interview with Ant about his career as a whole and issue seven includes an interview with Ant about Field Day.

Re-issues update (News date: 29-10-06)

An update on the work on the re-issues of The Geese & The Ghost, Wise After The Event and 1984 has been added in our Projects section.  Most of the work on The Geese and Wise is now complete and we are currently working on 1984.

Ant's guest appearance in new book (News date: 29-10-06)

Out now is a new book by stand-up comedian and political activist Mark Thomas.  As Used On The Famous Nelson Mandela is an account of his journey of discovery through the murky world of the arms trade.

Chapter 14 of the book includes an account of how Mark found that he needed to record a phone conversation with an arms dealer.  Not having any suitable equipment to hand, he asked his neighbour if he could help.  Mark's neighbour happens to be Ant - which is how Ant came to find himself making a rather unusual recording and subsequently making a small guest appearance in Mark's book.

From the back cover of the book: "Hard-hitting, laugh-out-loud funny and extremely unsettling, As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela is never anything less than compulsive."

The book is available now from Amazon

Library Projects continue (News date: 4-6-06, updated 17-9-06)

Ant is still busy working on further Library music projects at the present time and he anticipates that he will continue to be occupied by them for the next couple of months.

Bucks Fizz 'Lost Masters' release (News date: 17-9-06)

The Lost Masters, a double CD collection of previously unreleased tracks by the UK pop group Bucks Fizz has recently been released.  It includes a slightly longer alternate mix of their cover version of the song Tears On The Ballroom Floor, a track which Ant co-wrote with Roy Hill of the band Cry No More.  

The track was originally released on the 1984 Bucks Fizz album I Hear Talk, which was re-issued on CD in 2004.  

New review of Field Day online (News date: 30-7-06)

A new review of Field Day can be seen on the site of the German Genesis fanclub.  It's available to read in either German or English.

Thanks to Christian for passing on the details of the review.

Re-issues update (News date: 16-2-06, updated 11-4-06)

Work continues on putting the re-releases of The Geese & The Ghost, Wise After The Event and 1984 together now that the release rights to these albums have reverted to Ant's control.  Most of the preparatory work on The Geese & The Ghost is now complete and we are currently working on Wise After The Event.

Updates on the work on the re-issues is featured in our Projects section and we hope to add a production diary for the re-issues to this soon.

There is currently no news on potential release dates for the re-issues.

New Library Project (News date: 8-1-06, updated 19-3-06)

Ant is currently working on some further Library music tracks for a project for Atmosphere Music.  As with the majority of his Library music, this won't be available commercially.  

Field Day included in Best Albums list from 2005 (News date: 8-1-06)

The Intuitive Music site have let us know that Ant's Field Day has been included in their list of the Best 20 Albums from 2005.  They describe the album as "a nice work of traditional and advanced music made with craftsmanship and taste."

The complete listing of the albums can be seen here.

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