Missing Links Volume 4: Pathways & Promenades

Voiceprint Records VP526CD

Release date: 2nd November 2009



Anthony Phillips has an extensive output as a recording artist.  As well as album releases such as The Geese And The Ghost, Wise After The Event and Slow Dance, he has to date also released ten albums in the Private Parts & Pieces series and three volumes in the Missing Links series.  In addition, he’s written and recorded tracks which have only ever been released on compilation albums.  Over the years these compilations have gone out of print, yet demand for Anthony's contributions to them remains high.

Now the fourth volume in the Missing Links series - Pathways and Promenades - brings together these sought-after pieces on one collection for the first time.  Complementing them are some choice tracks from Anthony's prestigious output of Library material which receive their first commercial release here alongside the previously unreleased track Halycon Days.


Track 1 previously released on Nobody’s Land Act 2 (2004)

Track 2 previously released on Double Exposure (1987)

Track 4 previously released on Touch Sampler (1996)

Track 7 previously released on 
The Sky Goes All The Way Home (1999)

Tracks 12 & 18 previously released on 
the Terra X soundtrack album (1990)

Tracks 5, 8, 10, 11, 15, 20 & 21 previously released on 
Fijord: Symphonie Des Mers Froides (1999)

Track 16 previously released on Legend (1999)

All other tracks previously unreleased




Track listing

1. The Golden Road To Samarkand
2. Promenade
3. Sceptred Isle
4. Danza Cuccaracha
5. Fallen Idol
6. Cascades
7. Sky Dawn
8. Misty Mountains
9. It's All Greek To Me
10. Haven From The Sea
11. Heavenly Gene
12. Ironclad
13. Water Gardens
14. Night Train
15. Sleeping Giant
16. Sombrero
17. Irish Lament
18. Aurora
19. Without You
20. Sad Exodus
21. Summer of Love
22. Light Rain
23. Halycon Days

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