Survival Special: Dungeons and Dragons


At the far northern most tip of Madagascar, an island off the coast of Africa, lies the lost world of Ankarana. 

Living in its sunken forests are a greater density of lemurs than found anywhere else in Madagascar. 

This programme follows the lives of the One Eyed Queen and her troop of Crowned Lemurs as they tip toe on the razor sharp rocks, raise youngsters, fight for their territory and venture into the bowels of the earth to drink.

Transmission history

As far as we are aware, to date this programme in its original form has never been broadcast on ITV in the UK

It was transmitted on cable TV in the US as the final programme in the series 'Kingdoms of Survival'.

Duration: 60 minutes


Narrated by Jane Copland

Music by Anthony Phillips & Joji Hirota 

Written, produced & directed by Jacinth O'Donnell

Music Details

A selection of some of the music from this programme was released on Wildlife

A further piece of music written and recorded for the programme but not used in the final version was released as Lemurs Prologue on the expanded re-release of Wildlife

Alternate Versions

An adapated version of the original programme was first broadcast as Secrets of the Crocodile Caves on PBS/Nova in the US on 20th January 2004 and was subsequently released on VHS and DVD.  It uses sections from the original Survival programme alongside newly shot material and has a new narration.  Some of Ant and Joji's music for the original programme is used in it along with some library music (with no connection to either of them) which was not included in the Survival version.


This revised version of the programme was released on DVD in the US in March 2004


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