Press File: New England


Anthony Phillips - New England: Private Parts and Pieces VIII (Venture CDVE 913)

Bandied around by A Phillips, former Charterhouse schoolboy and Genesis guitarist, the words "New England" immediately suggest hackneyed protest: some snaggle-toothed old hippy traveller barking on about the demise of old Albion and the building of fast-food chains across the leylines…

Fortunately, Mr Phillips is a little more subtle than that. If tracks like ‘Last Goodbyes’ and ‘Now They’ve All Gone’ are pleas on behalf of a ’lost’ England, they arrive, like all but two pieces on the album, vocal-less, and weaving such hypnotic patterns of piano and acoustic guitar that they could actually be about anything you fancy. This is New Age instrumental music in the way that Rod Argent and Ian Matthews have interpreted it: thoughtful, probing and positive.

(Given 7 out of 10)

Martin Townsend, Vox Magazine.

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