Press File: Finger Painting


Anthony Phillips - Finger Painting (Brainworks)

Since leaving one of the earlier incarnations of Genesis in 1970, Anthony Phillips has released an impressive array of 13 solo projects over the years.  No Top 40 here; in fact, Phillips was deep into what many today dubiously dub new age well over a decade before the genre came into official being.  That is to say, Phillips writes, records and releases music that certainly adheres to the beat of a different drummer (if there is one at all).

Finger Painting is a collection of instrumental music recorded for various TV specials, advertisements and Atmosphere Library albums between 1979 and 1989.  All of the music is melodic, relaxing and interesting.  If you are familiar with Phillips' Private Parts And Pieces volumes, this release is similar to several of them.  Finger Painting is 70+ minutes of music guaranteed to calm your frayed nerves and instil pleasant images in your mind's eye.

This release is available as an import from Canada, but comes in at normal CD prices.  Phillips is not well known, which is unfortunate and confirmed by the fact that you may have difficulty finding any of his collection.  It makes me wonder how he makes enough to keep recording!  His entire catalogue is finally available on import.  If you like pleasant music that is music, not muzak, Finger Painting will more than satisfy yours needs.

Brad Bennett
Music Monitor issue 33, February 1992


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