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Anthony Phillips: Soirée (Private Parts & Pieces X)

Despite building a formidable reputation for producing sublime soundtracks for both TV and film, Anthony Phillips has never lost the tag of being an ex-member of Genesis.  This must be frustrating given the vast number of albums that he's released over the last three decades, and a recognition of his solo talents is long overdue.

For the latest release in the continuing "Private Parts And Pieces" series, Phillips ditches his guitar in favour of a piano.  The outcome is an impressive and pleasing assortment of 20 sumptuous instrumental tracks, performed solo by Phillips.  And now for the inevitable reference!  Fans of Genesis will be interested to note that one of the pieces, "Creation", was originally conceived during his time with the band and is released here for the first time.  An appealing collection that is worthy of a wide audience.

Rich Wilson, Record Collector, February 2000


Anthony Phillips: Soirée (Private Parts & Pieces X)

The first most striking thing about this CD is the sound of the solo piano.  Play after play, the sound haunted me until I worked out the reason why - it's a real piano.  It brought home how frequently the beauty of the original instrument has been foregone for albeit sophisticated electric versions.  Twenty pieces of solo piano music, then, without an overdub.  Phillips wrings out a multitude of emotions from the piano, using style and volume to develop mood, whilst at all times remaining melodious.  Due to the nature of the album, there is an overall pastoral air, and one of restful elegance at home with the traditional keyboard.  A pipe and slippers job on an evening when you want to relax and withdraw, but with sufficient technique and ability for those who enjoy piano music.

David Pearson, Wonderous Stories, January 2000


Anthony Phillips: Soirée

The 13th January sees the release of Soirée (Private Parts & Pieces X) from contemporary British composer/musician, Anthony Phillips.  The album comprises 20 solo piano pieces, of a restful and reflective nature.

Anthony Phillips was a founder member of Genesis, whom he left in 1970, after the release of their second album 'Trespass', to pursue a solo career.  Since his departure from the band, Phillips has created an impressive body of work that defies straightforward categorisation.  Out on Blueprint.

Record Mart & Buyer, February 2000


Evening to remember

Anthony Phillips - Soirée (Blueprint label)

After all the hullabaloo of the millennium celebrations, relax with the soothing piano playing of contemporary British composer Anthony Phillips as he offers 20 solos in a restful and reflective mood.  Anthony, a founder member of Genesis, left the group after the release of their second album Trespass, to pursue a solo career which has seen him become a successful composer of TV music including the Survival series.  He sets the mood with Sad Ballerina and tracks include Venetian Mystery, The Oregon Trail, Rain Suite, Summer's Journey, Hope of Ages, Gazebo, Noblesse Oblige and the poignant Fallen Flower, dedicated to the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Bob Eborall, The Leader, 14th January 2000


Genesis founder member Anthony Phillips is in restful and reflective mood on Soirée - Private Parts & Pieces X (Blueprint). Phillips - who left Genesis in 1970 after the release of their second album Trespass - is one of Britain's finest contemporary composers.  On Soirée - comprising 20 solo piano pieces - Phillips couples the space of Satie with the richness of Rachmaninov on a collection tinged with a beautiful melancholy.

Writer unknown, Herald Observer Newspapers, 13th January 2000



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